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Former MD Pediatrician Ernesto Torres Found Incompetent to Stand Trial

In early 2019, one victim came forward to report that she had been raped by her pediatrician, Dr. Ernesto Torres. Since then, many additional victims have come forward against Dr. Torres. In total, he has been charged with 98 counts of varying degrees of sexual assault and child sex abuse against 19 juvenile victims over the span of 18 years.

In June (2021), the state’s expert psychiatrist told a hearing that Torres was competent to stand trial. In response, the defendant’s psychiatrist testified that Torres suffers from a delusional disorder and is incapable of participating in his defense.  The delusion was mentioned to be of an “Evil Black Witch.” With both psychiatric findings being possible, the judge was unable to conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Torres is competent to stand trial.

Read the full article on WTOP news here.

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