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What is “Pain and Suffering?”

“Pain and Suffering” is simply the legal term encompassing the mental and physical damages that occur as a result of events such as car accidents, medical malpractice, a slip and fall, among others. When you or a loved one is injured because of negligence or incompetence, there can be many serious obstacles to daily life that emerge or persist for days, months, and even years as a result of the injury. Persistent pain can impinge on your ability to work or go about your daily life, psychological trauma could require professional medical intervention and affect your ongoing mental health.  In a personal injury suit, the law recognizes these new obstacles and takes them into account when determining what you can recover in a suit. Here, the experienced personal injury attorneys at the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg outline different types of pain and suffering along with what to expect in regards to compensation and providing proof in a personal injury claim.

What Kinds of Pain and Suffering are Considered?

In Maryland, pain and suffering fall under the category of “non-economic damages.” It includes many types of disruption and difficulty that arise after an accident outside of straight-forward economic damages such as lost wages, medical bills, etc., and they can be just as, if not more, deleterious to the victim. A severe car accident leading to an intense fear of driving, the loneliness and isolation after losing a spouse, intense leg pain hindering your mobility, all these and many more kinds of personal loss and pain can be accounted for. It is important to know how these claims are considered and what you should do to make sure it is recognized, and the experienced team at the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg are ready to help make sure your pain and suffering is not ignored.

How Can I Prove my Pain and Suffering?

As you can see, awards from pain and suffering in a personal injury can be difficult to determine and are subject to a great amount of variability. There are a number of ways you need to record your pain and suffering, find those who can support and defend your claims, as well as having someone to accurately and comprehensively represent you and your experience. At the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg, a team of specialized personal injury attorneys will help you understand how extensive pain and suffering can be after an accident. Contact us today to protect your right to recover losses to your mental and physical health.