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What is Lead Poisoning?

Lead poisoning is acute or chronic poisoning due to the absorption of lead into the body. Lead, which is toxic to human beings and the culprit of a myriad of harmful physical and mental side effects, can exist in paint and dust found in older buildings and homes. Here, the lead litigation attorneys at The Law Offices of Evan K. Thalenberg outline the severe effects of lead poisoning, how it has impacted the Baltimore community, and what our dedicated team is doing in order to combat this epidemic.

What is Lead?

Lead, a naturally occurring metal, is abundantly found throughout the Earth. It had been used various products including paint, gasoline, plumbing pipes, ceramics, solders, batteries, and even cosmetics.

Lead is hazardous to our health. Due to health concerns, in 1973, the federal government began to phase out lead in gasoline and eliminated it by 1996. The United States government banned manufacture of lead-based house paint in 1978. In 1986, the government restricted the lead content of solders, faucets, pipes, and similar materials.

How Does Lead Poisoning Impact the Body?

Lead is toxic to humans and can ultimately be fatal if the exposure is too persistent and severe. Children and pregnant women are most at risk of falling victim to lead poisoning. This is because children are more vulnerable at their developing stages and absorb lead at a faster rate than adults. In addition, their brains and nervous system are far more sensitive to lead, which means that the inhalation of lead dust or exposure to lead-based paint can have lasting negative side effects on growing children. Pregnant women are high-risk as it pertains to lead poisoning as the side effects of lead poisoning can cause drastic harm to the baby. 

The effects of lead poisoning can take many forms. Signs that a child has experienced lead poisoning include developmental delays, behavioral problems or learning difficulties, as well as a host of physical symptoms such as a loss of appetite, weight loss, seizures and vomiting. If pregnant women are exposed to lead-based paint or dust, their child could be born prematurely and experience a delay in growth or weight gain. 

How is Lead Poisoning Treated?

The best way to treat lead poisoning is to prevent lead exposure before it happens. However, a tragic number of victims of lead poisoning are unaware that they have been exposed; that is why the lead litigation attorneys at the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg are passionate about serving the Baltimore community, and providing a voice to those who need it, as many adults and children in our community are innocent victims of lead poisoning and suffer physical, emotional and developmental problems as a result. 

While the treatment for victims of lead poisoning varies depending on the severity of the condition, it may involve the prescription of heavy metal toxicity medication and typically involves preventative measures like avoiding further exposure to lead and lead-containing products. Treating higher levels of lead poisoning may involve chelation therapy or EDTA chelation therapy, where EDTA is given by injection to children in order to combat the effects of lead poisoning.

What Are Your Next Steps if You are a Victim of Lead Poisoning?

If you or a loved one suffered lead poisoning in Baltimore or beyond, you are not alone. The passionate lead litigation attorneys at The Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg have years of experience advocating for lead poisoning victims and have mastered the craft of litigating lead poisoning cases. Consult our team by contacting our Baltimore office today.