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Evan K. Thalenberg started his practice in 1996 to combat a devastating problem: the overwhelming presence of lead paint-based poisoning among Baltimore’s children. Since then, Mr. Thalenberg and his team of esteemed, passionate attorneys have not wavered on their promise to be an advocate for any individual who needs them. Today, the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg continues to be a strong voice for children and adults alike and has recovered over $500,000,000 in life-changing settlements for our clients. 

The attorneys at The Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg have spent years perfecting their complex litigation processes and apply their dependable, proven and results-driven strategies to a variety of practice areas including medical malpractice, product liability, personal injury, car accidents, birth injury and veteran’s benefits appeals. As a team of dedicated attorneys with a history of providing a voice for communities across Maryland, we aim to extend our expertise and passion to help seek justice for victims in any and every way we can.

If you, your child, or someone you know has been affected by lead paint or other injustices, such as medical malpractice, defective products, car accidents, birth injury, serious personal injury or death, do not hesitate to reach out to our team of attorneys today.

Disclaimer: Each case is different and past results are not an assurance that a lawyer will be successful in reaching a favorable result in any future case.

Meet Our Founder


I received updates every step of the way

I received updates every step of the way

I received updates every step of the way and was never left wondering what was going on.

Their customer service was great which made this experience so pleasant.

Highly Recommend

If you are looking for the best attorney and lawyer company in Baltimore, I would highly recommend the Law Office of Evan K. Thalenberg

They are great people

They are great and well respectful people. Definitely dependable and very trustworthy. They have wonderful communication and will keep you fully updated always.

Evan’s law firm helped me out in a way no one else could

Evan’s law firm helped me out in a way no one else could. At my lowest and lost, I came to them and they accepted. Not only did they make me and my daughter’s life better, they also gave us more opportunities.

Communication, teamwork and what I loved the most was their passion

Communication, teamwork and what I loved the most was their passion and how much they really cared about me and my well being. It was never about the money but about helping me.

You don’t know how much I appreciate and how grateful I am for everything. My case wasn’t easy but you guys never have up on me. Even with my personal home situation, I never seen people who barely knew me but really cared about me.

Will forever me by Lawyer – thank you for everything.

Very Reliable

Very Reliable.

They try to do the best they can.

They are respectful, honest and trustworthy at all times.


What I Liked Most

What I liked most about working with this office was the communication.
I’m very satisfied with my experience.

The Service Was Great

The service was great. They communicated well and took their time with explaining every step of the case with me.

Made Sure I Understood Everything

They did the best they can to help us with our case.

There were nice and made sure I understood everything I needed to. They also answered all of my questions. They are kind and make sure you get everything you need to know.

Best Firms That Represented My Child

Best Firms That Represented My Child

"In my opinion, this is one of the best firms that represented my child. I’m very pleased with Mr. Gross and Evan K. Thalenberg firm."

Kind and Concerned

"Mr. Gross was very kind and concerned about his client. Plus he returns phone calls even if he’s busy."

Hardworking Attorneys

Nice workers, well dressed and very high energy. I would suggest to others.

Everyone in the office was friendly

Everyone in the office was friendly, made me feel comfortable and helped every step of the way. Definitely choose this office. They help with everything. Even after everything is settled, they take interest in your wellbeing. They are more than a business, they are regular people you can trust. My #1 pick.

People I can put my trust into

The team at Evan K. Thalenberg are a group of people [that] I really put my trust into. They made sure they had my best interest in mind every step of the way.

Evan K. Thalenberg, PA Was So Helpful

Evan K. Thalenberg, PA was so helpful with our case and made sure we were informed every step of the way. Plus everyone was so friendly.

Felt Welcome

I loved the fact that everyone made me feel welcome and everyone was so willing to help.

Friendly, very honest and courteous.

Thank you for all of the help and legal advice. Thank you for getting what was best for me and my case.

Everyone was Incredibly Nice

Everyone was incredibly nice and seemed genuinely interested in my case and my success going forward.

I Gained Family

I Gained Family

“My total experience dealing with Evan K. Thalenberg, P.A. was wonderful. The total process of finding out I have had lead and having to live with it was special, because they worked hard and made me feel like I was everyone else, if not better. I felt as though I didn't have lawyers fighting for me, I had family fighting for me and that was a heart-filled gracious thing. I like how despite the back and forth with the other parties everyone stayed calm, and just continued to work hard. The respect level was extremely high and I appreciated this. I deeply love the fact that I gained family and, learned the true definition of hard work. Thank you!”

Very Polite

"Everyone works really wonderful with us and helped me when I asked any questions. Plus everyone here is very polite & friendly. I am very pleased with the outcome from this lawyer’s office. Very friendly, very polite. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needs a lawyer."

Felt at Home

“I’ve always felt at home and welcome here. This place feels welcoming and they make sure you’re always included in decision making. I loved working with this office and would always recommend them above anyone else”

Very Professional

"I love everything you guys did. Yall work is wonderful . Wouldn’t trade you for another law firm ever. Very professional. You guys treated us like family and for that we thank you for. Job well done. The best in the city!!!"

Very Great People

“The people were very friendly, helpful, respectful and always had positive attitudes. Very great people, always made me feel comfortable and developed trust.”

One of The Best

"You were willing to do what was best for us and easy to cooperate with. I absolutely love this lawyers office. One of the best in the city. Glad that I was able to work with Robbie and Cara. Everyone here treated me as if they were a fighting case for themselves."

Great Experience

“Working with Evan Thalenberg’s office was a great experience. They were patient with you, took their time. They made me feel like more than just a client, I was very comfortable. I would always refer them to do any case! Thank you for taking me on as a client.”

Great Law Office

“Great law office. They are great with clients and have really awesome staff. I enjoyed the years I worked with them and I recommend this law office to anyone in Baltimore, MD. Evan Thalenberg is the best. I love those guys so much.”

All Things Were Transparent

“I feel confident in saying that I was informed and consented on every single step. All things were transparent and I was treated more than fairly.”

They Get You What You Need

They Get You What You Need

“I love this law office – they get you what you need.”

People at This Law Firm Care

“The people at this law firm care about your future and are willing to work hard for you.”

This Firm is Great

"This firm is great and you’ll be confident to put all trust in them to help you with your case."

So Genuine

“They want the best for their clients and everyone was so genuine to work with.”

Really Supportive and Honest

“They’re really supportive and honest. They help you along the way and just really sincere and genuine.”

Excellent Staff

"This firm has excellent staff. They cater to the needs of their clients & always ensure the best possible outcome to benefit the client."

They Really Care

"This is a great firm to have on your side! They really care about the people they are representing: and the results show it."

Excellent Services

"The services were excellent, they all made me feel like I was apart of a professional family. I enjoyed the entire experience working with the law office"

Very Kind

"Very kind and professional staff"

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Community Law

Dedicated to the community. Dedicated to you.

Our determination to improve conditions for our community and its children does not end in the courtroom. Over the years, we’ve dedicated time, energy, and resources to organizations who are working towards a better Baltimore City.