An alarming number of children have been damaged by lead paint. Problem is, most don't even realize it.

You don't have to eat paint chips for lead to get into your system. And victims rarely show physical signs.

Lead paint is in millions of homes. Tens of thousands of children in Baltimore have been poisoned by lead paint chips, but even more often by tiny bits of lead paint dust. When this happens, they suffer a lifetime of permanent injury.

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    Any child who grew up in Baltimore City has probably been exposed to lead paint.

  • Lead-poisoned children are more likely to end up in trouble or in jail.

Even minimal contact with lead paint and lead paint dust during childhood can cause:

  • Difficulties in school
  • Behavior issues
  • Trouble getting or holding a job
  • Attention problems
  • Criminal behavior

If you would like us to investigate a lead paint case for someone you know—even if they've spoken to a lawyer before—contact us today.