Lead Paint Legislative Update

Maryland Morning - March 19, 2012

Lead Paint in houses has always been a big health issue for families with small children. Ingesting chips, flakes, or dust from the paint can have severe health implications that are permanent.

Last fall, a Maryland court struck down a limit on how much a landlord would have to pay a family, were they to win a court case proving a child had been poisoned on their property. Since then, landlords and property managers in Maryland have been having a hard time getting insurance on their properties.

The issue has been take up by the General Assembly, which is currently working on a few bills that they hope will create a solution.

Today, Sheilah talks with Nicholas A. Szokoly, an attorney in the offices of Evan Thalenberg, who specializes in lead paint cases. We also hear from Ruth Ann Norton, Executive Director of the Coalition to End Childhood Lead Poisoning, and Ben Frederick of Ben Frederick Realty in Baltimore.

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